Referrals are a great way to grow your business, so I am sure you would like some ideas to get more right?

Tweet, tweet, tweet make sure you do things in Twitterland that will help grow your business.

Watch this video to see how to run your Social Media on autopilot.

Google rolled out one of its biggest updates in April 2015, it related to responsive design so make sure you watch this video to check your site is responsive.

So many business owners are going the wrong way about using Twitter. See how you can improve your business via Twitter.

Quotes, they can take up such a large amount of your day. Often they are left until the end of the day and are the most common thing to be keeping you in the office late. Well if you can convert mores quotes then that’s a good thing right?

Have you tried Facebook Advertising only for it to waste a tonne of your money? Well the reason for that will be down to your targeting, if you have targeted the wrong people then your adverts will have little impact. See where you might have gone wrong here.

Here’s a smart trick showing you how to use your email signature to drive more traffic to your website.

Make sure your blog content is not hidden from view. Creating content for your blog can take a long time (Trust me we put a lot of effort into our own blog). So when you have created content for your blog its important to make sure as many eyes as possible see the content. Watch this latest episode of Rocket TV to see how you can get more people viewing your blog content.

Writing content for your website/blog can be time consuming, MOST people write content that is out of date in a few days. Believe me I did that for years, it was time consuming and expensive as my content writers are not cheap.

Let me make it a bit easier to understand, if you are an accountant its great to write a story just after the budget. Tell us what changed for us as a business owner. That content is really valuable but it has a short shelf life. What would be a really good piece of content is 10 tips to save on corporation tax. Now that is info that most likely will be useful for years to come.

That allows you to re-use that content on your blog, social media profiles and in your email marketing. People won’t remember if they read the article a year ago. A few might but I doubt they implemented everything you told them, so its a kind nudge to get on with it.

Two weeks ago I was in Leeds on a stag do, I had a great time if you have never been out in Leeds I highly recommend it. While out we needed to order a Taxi, so I took out my iPhone to look up a local Taxi company. Now you must have noticed when searching on Google via a mobile that they now show if a site is mobile ready in the search results.

4 of the companies had mobile sites so clearly I used one of those.

Watch this weeks Rocket TV to see more about Googles mobile update and the impact on your business.

The other 6 Taxi firms that showed in my search results ruled themselves out purely due to not having a mobile site. I hope that is not your business.

The last few days I have been terrified, literally shacking in my boots while in the office (well brogues but you get the idea!)

You see the office next door has been having extensive building work, and at some point this week they have upset a family of rats. The rats don’t like the noise or the fact that their home is being torn down panel by panel, so they thought they would come and visit our office. They found a route in under our kitchen sink, and for the last 2 days have been running around like they own the place.

Now for those business owners who think people shop on price I have some news for you. People do not shop on price, they shop on the result your product gives them. I spent over £150 on all sorts of devices in Robert Dyas yesterday, the price was not an issue for me I just wanted those pesky rats gone.

This afternoon I am sitting here waiting for the pest control company to come and do the job properly. (Those traps from Robert Dyas were about as good as a chocolate tea pot)

Another important thing in business is getting your message read, you could have the best product or service but if nobody knows about it then its a waste of time. If you have a large email list and nobody is opening your messages then you could be the best kept secret in business.

So without further ado please watch this weeks Rocket TV, and see how you can get your message to your market…….

Last week I took my lovely girlfriend Katy out to a Mexican restaurant near us in Epsom. This was no finest dining experience, but they did have an ABBA tribute band playing and we needed something to cheers us up after a busy week.

Now the point of this is to make you think about how you could Niche Your Business. You see the band playing could have been any old band just playing random covers, however they focused on a niche and due to that they are in high demand and charge twice as much as any standard band. (Smart move a lot of business owners could learn from that).

How could you Niche Your Business?

This weeks Rocket TV is about deadlines and how to use them, you see deadlines work when pushing someone over the line.

A great way to get people to engage with your social media is to do something amazing in the real world.

I know crazy right? We should actually engage with people outside of an electronic screen!!

The other day I went to The Krispy Kreme Factory just outside London, well its a big drive thru Krispy Kreme where they make donuts. To me it’s the Krispy Kreme factory!

The place was amazing, I mean look at all those Golden Donuts and the smell was to die for.

Now the point is they were just selling Krispy Kreme donuts I could get any other place. But they made the experience totally unique, people went there to hang out and have a coffee with a donut or 10.

The point where they really got me was at the till, (Just in case you wondered I ordered a Lotus Caramelised Bischoff and it was AMAZING) you see at the till we paid and went to leave. At that point the checkout lady said would we like another FREE donut, well she did not have to ask me twice.

She walked over to the conveyor belt and gave us each a lovely HOT Original Glazed donut. Now the point of this whole story is, she made us feel good the checkout lady went above and beyond. And believe me I have told loads of people about my good fortune, and I even shared it on social media in fact 110,000 of my closest friends are getting this on email today.

So without further a do, this weeks Rocket TV is how you can use the OFFLINE world to increase your social presence.

We often talk about Lead Magnets (An irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information). They are more common in the online world, however they work just as well or even better in the real world.

Today I was enticed by a WH Smiths Lead Magnet, for those of you who use o2 they have an amazing app full of offers called o2 priority. Today they have a deal where you can get a pack of Christmas cards and a bag of gold coins for FREE. No commitment to buy, no forms to fill in just show them the code and grab your stuff.

Now this is a really smart move, you see the high street is struggling to compete with the online world. So anything they can do to get me back in their store before Christmas is a good thing. I bet 99% of people who took this free offer also purchased something else while in the store.

This shows that Lead Magnets work offline as well as online, so think how you could implement a Lead Magnet into your business.

This weeks Rocket TV is about getting people to take that step and give you their details. Its a simple but important lesson that every business owner, marketer and entrepreneur needs to watch.

Wow we have had an amazing 7 days (We have just about got the feeling back in our feet!), we met over 25,000 business owners at “The Business Show” in London’s Olympia at the back end of last week.
Its my favourite venue as its such a beautiful building with some real character.

Tickets for the Traffic and Lead Gen Bootcamp flew out the door at the show, in two days we sold 25% of the tickets.
The reason we sold so many tickets was was that we hustled at the show, so many business owners just sat there waiting for people to talk to them.

We worked hard and grew our database by 5700 which will really help our business in 2016. If you ever use exhibitions to grow your business its vital you do everything possible to get as many leads. Having a fancy stand or giving away free stuff does not grow your business, getting leads is the key to success at any exhibition.

This weeks Rocket TV shows you a sneaky trick you can use to get more traffic from Google.

SEO is still a huge traffic source for Rocket Marketing Hub, it takes time but we love that once we have the ranks the cost does not increase.

Stop what you are doing and watch this weeks Rocket TV and see how you could get more Traffic & Leads.

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~

A big crippling fear of most business owners is the frequency they send emails.

I have met thousands of business owners who simply never send any emails to their prospects or existing customers.

The reason behind their thinking is they will annoy or alienate those people. But the truth is, if they are not a customer now they may never be. If you send them valuable content you are moving them closer to purchasing your product or service.

Yes a few people might unsubscribe, but that’s a good thing you are cleaning your list of the people not interested in your services.

You can then focus on the prospects that are interested in your business.

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~

Here is a quick strategy you can use to get more people to open your emails.